Provided by Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago Foundation

Confidential and no cost to participants

Most estate plans are created based upon one simple question, "Upon your death, what do you want to do with the assets that you own?" While that question seems appropriate, does it really delve deep enough to make decisions about resources that you have accumulated throughout your entire lifetime?

Regardless of wealth, your deepest values should be at the heart of a will or trust that also protects your assets and secures a bright future for those you love. Values based estate planning achieves this outcome.

As a gift to you and other supporters of Lurie Children's, we are offering this educational service at no charge and with no obligation through Thompson and Associates, a nationally recognized values based estate planning firm. Our advisor, Charles Slamar, will personally guide you (or you and your spouse/partner) through a thoughtful and completely confidential process resulting in a suggested plan that reflects your wishes and accomplishes your goals.  You can read more about Charlie here.

If you already have a will or trust, think of the process as a free, unbiased second opinion. Tax laws and family situations may have changed since you completed your plan. If you haven't gotten started on your will or trust yet, the process provides you an estate planning "road map" to bring to your lawyer for implementation, saving you time and money.


Introductory Meeting

An initial private meeting is held with you (or you and your spouse/partner) and Charlie where he describes the Thompson Planning Process. If you choose to continue the planning process, you will meet with Charlie until you are satisfied that your goals will be achieved through the recommended plan, usually 3 to 6 times.

Your Goals and Objectives

After completing a simple questionnaire, Charlie will work with you to clarify your estate planning goals. Goals always start with your financial and retirement requirements and providing for your loved ones and heirs, including those with special needs. Planning also addresses making tax-wise choices in achieving charitable goals.

Personal Philosophy Statement

Charlie will help you create a Personal Financial Philosophy Statement that puts your values and objectives into words. This process helps clarify and confirm what is most important to you and the personal legacy you wish to leave.

Estate Asset Review

A Net Worth Statement will be created to help ensure the most effective estate plan.

Plan Development and Review

Driven by your Personal Philosophy Statement, Charlie will present and explain estate planning options that meet your objectives and match your values.

Charlie is always available to meet with your lawyer or other professional advisors to discuss the recommendations. You are welcome to include them at any point in the process.

Plan Implementation

Once the process is complete, you are ready to work with your advisor(s) to implement a comprehensive plan based on your values and priorities.

Important Note:

Thompson & Associates does not draft legal documents, manage money, sell products or act as trustee and you will not be asked to make a gift.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.