There are many different ways to remember Lurie Children's in your estate and financial plans.  The Office of Planned Giving is here to help you learn about charitable gift plans that may meet your needs.  Please contact us to request any of the informational tools listed on this page or if we can be of assistance to you as you consider your charitable goals.

General Overview
Plan to Make a Difference, our general estate planning booklet, offers a summary of gift planning concepts.  An easy-to-read overview, this brochure contains examples and conceptual information about the many gift options for those who wish to leave a legacy of hope and healing for future generations of children.

Organizational Tools

  • My Estate Plan Workbook is a comprehensive guide for gathering and organizing information related to the design or revision of your estate plan. Once completed, this workbook is meant to be shared with your attorney as you work on your estate plan, helping you maximize the time spent with your advisor by gathering relevant information in advance. 
  • My Estate Plan Notes is a companion workbook to be kept in your own files. It is designed to assist you in organizing records and leaving instructions for your family and friends, guiding you through the necessary issues from the location of important documents to details about charitable intentions. 

Gift Planning Brochures
Concise reviews of the various gift plans are available for your reference.  These brochures will appeal to individuals with varied levels of financial savvy and interest in technical details.  Topics are listed below.

  • How to Make a Will that Works
  • Giving through Your Will
  • Giving through Gift Annuities
  • Giving through Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Giving through Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Giving through Life Insurance
  • Giving through Living Trusts
  • Giving Real Estate
  • Giving Securities

We are able to prepare gift illustrations specific to your criteria, giving you a chance to see flow charts and calculations based on your particular assets and plans.  Illustrations are produced immediately upon request and can be tailored however you wish.  There is no obligation to make a gift if you request an illustration or any additional information.