Notify Lurie Children's of an Estate Plan Gift

Lurie Children's Hospital welcomes a variety of types of estate plan gifts from individuals who wish to create a legacy of hope and healing for children and families. If you have decided to make a legacy gift to benefit Lurie Children's, we thank you for your support of our mission.

We hope that if you have named Lurie Children's as the beneficiary of your estate plan you will share your name with us, so that we may show our appreciation.  While you may choose to keep your decision confidential, we hope that you will inform us and allow us to recognize you because your legacy gift can have a ripple effect – it encourages others to give by sending the message that when it comes to setting priorities, taking care of our children is among the highest of callings.  

You can notify us of your intention to include Lurie Children's as a beneficiary of your will or living trust, life insurance policy, retirement plan or other estate plan gift by completing a Legacy Gift Confirmation Form (link below).  This form also allows you to share with us your preference regarding recognition for your generous legacy gift.

Click here to download the Legacy Gift Confirmation Form to notify Lurie Children's of your charitable plans. 

Please mail or fax a completed form to Rich Goode, Planned Giving:

Mailing address:      225 East Chicago Avenue, Box 4                       
                                    Chicago, Illinois 60611
Fax number:             312.227.9534

In recognition of their generosity and dedication to ensuring superior healthcare and brighter futures for Chicago’s children, those individuals who have named Lurie Children's as the beneficiary of an estate gift will be welcomed as new members of the John P. Wilson Society.  
Thank you for taking the time to share this important information with us.  Your generosity will have a positive impact children and families for generations to come.

Advisors: Click here to download a document to notify Lurie Children's of your client’s charitable plans.