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Your client's charitable interests and intentions are an important consideration in developing his or her financial plan and allocation of family resources. A strategic charitable strategy can help your client reduce taxes and maximize benefits from assets, while also creating his or her philanthropic legacy. You, as an advisor, are helping your clients make a difference for future generations of children.


GiftLaw is designed to assist advisors as they work with their clients through their charitable plans. With content that is continually updated, GiftLaw includes useful tools such as the GiftLaw Calculator, GiftLaw Pro Tax Reference, Washington News, Case of the Week, Article of the Month, and Private Letter Ruling. GiftLaw can also be sent as a weekly email. Contact us to join the e-mail list.

GiftLaw Pro is a comprehensive charitable giving and tax information tool designed to serve advisors as they guide clients through the estate planning process. It is updated regularly to give gift planners and advisors all of the latest gift planning information and access to Private Letter Rulings, Revenue Rulings, Code and Regulations, Tax Court cases and other key gift planning materials.


The Planned Giving office at Lurie Children's Foundation is happy to provide advisors with information to better serve their client's charitable interests. Please e-mail us at to receive any of the publications listed below.

For Advisors:

Professional Advisor Handbook

The handbook is an overview of gift planning information and a strategic assessment of the various ways that clients can make gifts to charitable organizations while achieving other financial goals.

Tax Pocket Guide

The Tax Pocket Guide is an ideal planning tool for attorneys, trust officers, financial planners, and accountants. The Tax Pocket Guide is fully updated annually for recent tax legislation and other changes.

For Donors/Clients:


The workbooks are designed to be of assistance to clients as they organize information and prepare to go through the estate planning process.

- My Estate Plan Workbook - prepare to discuss financial and charitable plans with an advisor
- My Estate Plan Notes - organize information for family and friends

Personal Gift Illustrations

- We would be pleased to provide you with a Personal Gift Illustration. These illustrations offer clients a chance to see a detailed explanation of any gift they are considering including easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Educational Pamphlets

- These pamphlets are designed to help clients better understand the many different ways to support charitable causes through estate planning.

- Giving Through Your Will
- Giving Through Living Trusts
- Giving Through Charitable Gift Annuities
- Giving Real Estate
- Giving Securities
- Giving Through Charitable Remainder Trusts
- Giving Through Life Insurance
- Giving Through Retirement Plans
- Giving Through Charitable Lead Trusts

Legacy Partners

Legacy Partners aims to elevate philanthropy - to inspire a new community of civic-minded advisors who promote charitable giving strategies as a way to serve clients. We are privileged to offer our Legacy Partners a wide range of benefits that include educational events, the Legacy Partners Directory, and access to any of our publications. Thank you to all of our Legacy Partners who work to ensure the well-being of children and their families!

To become a Legacy Partner, click here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rich Goode at or 312.227.7500.